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Session Schedule: ITMS Meeting 2021

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Wednesday, June 23 Virtual Connection 1 Virtual Connection 2 Virtual Connection 3 Virtual Connection 4
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1 PM Conference Welcome and Interfaith Prayers      
4 PM A1. Concurrent Papers A2. Concurrent Papers A3. Concurrent Papers A4. Concurrent Workshop
  a. Paul Pearson a. Alda Balthrop-Lewis a. Michael Carey and Dung Tran Jacqueline Chew and Jonathan Montaldo
  a. "To Be Known as You Are": Thomas Merton and the Countercultural Call of St. Benedict’s 12 Steps of Humility a. Why Merton took Arendt’s Defense of the Active Life as a Defense of the Contemplative Life a. Strangers and Aliens No Longer: The Experience of Monastic Hospitality and Community in a Hybrid Graduate Leadership Education Course I, Solitude, Am Your Professor
  b. Michael Plekon b. Anthony Nuccio b. Ellyn Crutcher  
  b. Merton: Stranger or One at Home—A Paradox and Image of Faithful Living b. The Importance of Contemplation in a Broken World: Jägerstätter and Merton as Strangers in the "Post-Christian" World b. The "Houses of Prayer" Concept from Vision to Reality  
8 PM Plenary: Bonnie Thurston - "Inward Stranger? 'Pray for Your Own Discovery:' Thomas Merton on Identity"      
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Thursday, June 24 Virtual Connection 1 Virtual Connection 2 Virtual Connection 3 Virtual Connection 4
1 PM B1. Concurrent Papers B2. Concurrent Papers B3. Emerging Scholars B4. Concurrent Workshop
  a. William Apel a. Daniel Horan a. R. Zachary Karanovich Christine Bochen
  a. The Strangest of the Strangers: Merton and the Hibakusha, Survivors of the A-Bomb a. From Stranger to ‘Sister’ and ‘Mother’: Insights from Thomas Merton’s Relationship with Naomi Burton Stone a. No New Strangers: Thomas Merton on Conversion without Contempt Awakening in the Dark: Reading "Day of a Stranger"
  b. Dominiek Lootens b. Glenn Loughrey b. Ashtyn Morris  
  b. Byzantium, Paris and Louisville: Thomas Merton, Natural Contemplation and Orthodox Pastoral Theology b. Merton and the Aboriginal Ways of Seeing b. How Merton Has Given Me Strength, Especially during This Time of Uncertainty  
      c. Ethan Strouse  
      c. Sapiential Literature as Contemplative Fuel  
4 PM C1. Concurrent Papers C2. Concurrent Papers C3. Emerging Scholars C4. Concurrent Workshops
  a. Chris Pramuk a. Fred Herron a. Emilie Grosvenor a. Carol Lenox
  a. She Who Dwells Among Us: Merton and Melissa Raphael on Theology After, and In, Auschwitz a. Are We There Yet? Thomas Merton as Experience, Text and Event a. Feminist Theological Thought and the Spirituality of Merton: Reflecting upon His Relationship with M. a. Are We Strangers to the Birds?
  b. Kathleen Tarr b. Stephanie Redekop b. Matthew Reid b. Jennifer Trently
  b. On the Necessity of Pilgrimage and Traveling with the Inward Stranger b. Obliged to Speak: Thomas Merton’s Literary Essays and 1960s Crisis Discourse b. Happiness: Contemplative Influence on Contemporary Culture b. Visio Divina: Using Merton’s Art to Reflect on Stranger
      c. William Simpson  
      c. "Jerked clean out of the habitual vision of things": Divided Self and Conversion of Manners in Merton’s Spiritual Autobiography  
8 PM Plenary: Andrew Prevot - "Contemplation in Times of Crisis"      
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June 25
Virtual Connection 1 Virtual Connection 2 Virtual Connection 3 Virtual Connection 4
1 PM D1. Concurrent Papers D2. Concurrent Papers D3. Concurrent Papers D4. Concurrent Workshops
  a. Kathleen Baker a. Mary Frances Coady a. Christopher Fici a. Eric Martin
  a. These Thickets of Symbols: A Place to Search for the Stranger a. "Bring Tom to Us!": Merton and the Trappist Renewal from Penitential to Contemplative a. A Circle Whose Circumference Is Nowhere and Whose Center Is Everywhere: The Regenerative Ecological Vision of Thomas Merton a. "The Moon is Shining and the Wheels are Turning": Listening to Merton’s Jazz Meditation Today
  b. Jamal Lyksett b. P.E. Wilson b. Alan Kolp b. Paul Pynkoski
  b. The Knight of Faith and Solitude: Thomas Merton’s Reading of Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling b. When Solitude Becomes Overcrowded b. A Transforming Moment: A Comparison of Thomas Merton and Illia Delio’s Pivotal Experience and Its Dynamic Implications b. Merton as Stranger: Witness, Poetry and Protest
4 PM E1. Concurrent Papers E2. Concurrent Papers E3. Concurrent Papers E4. Concurrent Workshops
  a. Patrick O'Connell a. Elizabeth Burkemper a. Liam Lynch Judith Valente and Br. Paul Quenon
  a. Merton’s Strange Archipelago: Poetic Responses to a Prosaic Journey a. Countering "Strangerness" in Late Capitalism a. Merton’s Reaching Towards God and Man through Contemplation and Rightly Oriented Action Thomas Merton and the Art of Letter-Writing (Workshop
  b. Robert Whalen b. James Robinson b. David Odorisio  
  b. Noir, Hip, Beat, Cool: Thomas Merton as Outsider b. The "Age of Rosemarys": Merton's Engagement with Rosemary Radford Ruether and Rosemary Haughton b. "Yes to Everyone": Thomas Merton’s Radical Ecumenism and Inter-Monastic Mysticism  
 8 PM Plenary: Marie Dennis - Nonviolence: Essential to a Laudato Si' Future      
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Saturday, June 26 Virtual Connection 1 Virtual Connection 2 Virtual Connection 3 Virtual Connection 4
1 PM F1. Concurrent Papers F2. Concurrent Papers F3. Concurrent Workshop F4. Concurrent Workshops
  a. Marjorie Gourlay a. Gary Hall Douglas Hertler a. Aaron Kerr and Emily Muntean
  a. Merton and the Refugee: Exploring a Contemplative Approach towards Hospitality to the Perceived “Other”- Syrians in Scotland a. Communicating with the Stranger: Relational Dynamics and Critical Distance between Thomas Merton and His Readers Merton and Me, Haunted By Intimacy: Friendship, Freedom, and the Fire of God's Love a. Placing Merton in Ministry and Teaching with Undergraduates
  b. Gordon Oyer b. Gray Matthews   b. Thomas Malewitz
  b. Imperfect Knowing: Merton's Inward Stranger in Letters with Blacks b. Unmasking the Contemplative   b. Secret Path: Using Poetry as a Catalyst for Reconciliation in Response to National Tragedy
4 PM David Golemboski,
Presidential Address
Louie Awards and
Conference Discussion
Virtual webinar:        
8 PM Plenary: Carrie Newcomer and Parker Palmer - "Encountering the Stranger: Spiritual Courage in a Secular World"      
  Closing Prayer by
Chris Pramuk
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